4 Types of Rental Property Inspections in Sacramento, California

4 Types of Rental Property Inspections in Sacramento, California

For renters, one of the biggest benefits is not having to deal with maintenance. Both the work and the cost are left up to the landlord. It relieves a lot of stress off their shoulders.

But it also means that a landlord needs to keep up with all of it to make them happy. The last thing a property owner wants is a frustrated tenant who isn't going to pay their rent. That's why rental property inspections are so critical.

A landlord should be up-to-date on how things are going and what needs work. They can do this by doing these four types of inspections.

1. Move-Out Inspection

The most common inspection is the move-out inspection. This happens when a tenant leaves and is usually done to see if they get a portion of their security deposit back. It's mainly done to see if there's any new cosmetic damage.

This is a great time for landlords to make some upgrades while no one is living there. It's a good idea to take advantage and do a thorough inspection of all your systems too.

2. Routine Inspection

It's important to not leave inspections until a tenant leaves. A landlord should be doing them throughout the lease as well. Some say these should be done quarterly. Whereas others say once or twice a year is enough.

Whatever schedule you choose, it's important to stick with them and never miss. Be sure you have a maintenance coordination plan. This helps everyone involved be on the same page.

3. Drive-By Inspection

These routine inspections will cover both the interior and exterior. But it's a good idea to add some drive-by inspections to your schedule as well.

A drive-by inspection just looks at the property's condition. And it doesn't include the interior.

When doing this kind of inspection, you'll be looking for any concerns with the landscaping or exterior of the home. These can be bigger projects, so keeping up with maintenance is important.

4. Move-In Inspection

Even though you'll do an inspection when a tenant leaves, you'll want to do one before a new one comes as well. But this time you should include the new tenant.

Just like you'll put them through a tenant screening process, they'll want to screen the rental as well. Allowing them to see where they may be living is helpful. Then they can ask questions and you can discuss policies at the same time.

Types of Rental Property Inspections Every Landlord Should Know

Keeping up with all these rental property inspections is helpful for every landlord. They help you to see any issues with the property so you can fix them fast. And that is important for keeping the property value high.

For many landlords, the maintenance and inspections can be too stressful. Bringing in a professional management team can solve that problem.

At PMI American River, we do all we can to help keep your properties in the best shape. Our managers have been helping landlords in Sacramento for more than 20 years. Schedule a free rental analysis to see who we can help you!