Do My Property Management Fees Cover Rental Maintenance?

Do My Property Management Fees Cover Rental Maintenance?

Tenants in California are protected by strict renters' rights. One of them is that landlords must address health and safety issues in a timely manner. Who has to cover the cost?

Partnering with property management is a great way to streamline and speed up your maintenance coordination. Your property manager will take care of a lot of maintenance responsibilities, but footing the bill isn't one of them.

Read on to learn how to cover the cost of maintenance and how property managers can help with rental maintenance.

Who Covers Most Rental Maintenance Costs?

When you own a rental property, you need to prepare for ongoing maintenance. A heavy focus on preventative maintenance can keep unexpected issues at bay. However, the occasional emergency is bound to pop up.

As the property owner, the cost of maintenance is going to come out of your pocket most of the time. The best way to handle this is to allot a certain percentage of your rental income for maintenance. You should also keep an emergency fund ready just in case.

How Do Property Managers Help With Maintenance Coordination?

Property managers play a huge role in maintenance coordination. They can take care of steps like:

  • Property inspections
  • Tenant communications
  • Contractor relations
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Maintenance oversight

Property managers with years of local experience will have their own list of contractors they prefer to work with. These contractors are reliable and affordable and may even offer better prices to your property manager than the average property owner.

Property managers can also help you budget for maintenance and repairs. This entails establishing a set percentage of your rental income to funnel into your maintenance fund. That way, your property manager will rarely need to reach out for additional funds to meet maintenance needs.

Are Tenants Ever Responsible for Maintenance Costs?

Tenants are the frontline in your defense against property damage. They have eyes on issues that need fixing, and fast communication can help prevent expensive damage and emergencies.

Tenants can also cause damage. Are they ever responsible for covering the cost? Tenants may need to pay for repairs and maintenance if:

  • They caused damage that broke your lease agreement
  • They caused damage beyond reasonable wear and tear
  • They engaged in illegal or destructive activity in your property

Generally, you'll use a tenant's security deposit to cover this type of damage. Keep in mind that as of January 2024, security deposits can't exceed one month's rent. You will need to provide a prompt, itemized list of damages a tenant's deposit is covering.

Get Better Maintenance for Less With PMI American River

A property manager may not cover the cost of maintenance, but they can take over your rental maintenance coordination. With the right approach, they can even lower the overhead costs that come with maintaining a rental property.

PMI American River offers customizable property management services in Sacramento, including maintenance coordination. Our property management software streamlines communication with our clients and their tenants. Contact us to learn more about how our services can cut costs and boost profits.